How it's done
Step 1
Uzuri, Switchblade
Uzuri - Young Hero

Authentic FaB Card

Each Marvelous Alter is made by hand using authentic Flesh and Blood™ trading cards from my personal collection. The art is altered into a borderless design and applied directly onto holographic foil.

Step 2
Foil Alter Application

Foil Alter Application

Next, the foil art alter is carefully adhered directly to the authentic Flesh and Blood™ card. The process is designed so that the unobscured rules text is available to read on the flip side of the card for any rules inquiry that may require presentation of the card’s original text. This allows the alters to maintain an attractive aesthetic while meeting requirements for competitive tournament play.

Step 3
Uzuri, Switchblade
Uzuri, Switchblade

Enjoy Your Altered Card!

As revenue allows, alters will increasingly feature custom artwork commissioned from talented artists around the world. Subscribe to Marvelous News to be among the first to know!


Better than I imagined

May 1, 2023

I already had pretty high expectations from the photos I saw, but they were even more stunning in person. I got myself 4 different heroes and the mandible claws and each one was just fantastic.


Fantastic organization

June 8, 2024

Great product, even better customer service. Definitely would recommend to others.


Really really nice

May 5, 2023

great quality, exactly what I was looking for to personalize my deck. Worth the money.


Absolutely stunning cards and amazing personalised service

May 4, 2023

I contacted Jeff to do some custom alters having seen his work being showcased on Baz The Bards’ (excellent) YouTube channel (check him out btw). I asked him to make me some assassin tokens and alts and …. Wow. They knocked my socks off. Whole process only took a couple of weeks too, which considering he shipped them to the uk is amazing. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a set.


Darren Burdock-Latter